Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dark Waters

6 months ago I woke up with an image in my head, it was a face surrounded by dark waters, and she was looking up at me. 
With that in mind I planned a very unconventional shoot. 
I needed a "container " to put my model in, and  Andi Johnson gave me a bath tub that I painted black
Cassandra Griego figured out how to make the water black with non toxic, easy to mix tempera paint. 
I also purchased a fog machine for images that I thought would give an interesting dimension to this series and contrast with the well defined lines of the first images. 

So on April 6 Lindsay, Cassandra, Stacey and I met in my basement for an extraordinary shoot!  
As usual my images are up for individual interpretation,  BTS and more explanations will follow in the next blog. 

Model : Lindsay Powell
Make up and Hair : Cassandra Griego
Assistant : Stacey Powell

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Our Sprinkler"

In the heat of the Summer we sometimes forget
How fun it is to get all wet
We giggle and laugh as everyone knows
As we run and we jump and get grass in our toes
Our sprinkler gives us hours of fun
It keeps us cool from the hot Summer sun
 Author: Krystal Beaudoin
If you are interested in the technical aspect : Camera and lens used : Nikon D800 with Nikon 50 mm 1.8G1/500 second, F1.8, Variable ISO I opened all those images on Lightroom four and used a polaroid style preset. 

Please papa, can we do this again??

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A downtown engagement session with Tabitha and Matt.

"I don't really pose's more an organic way of doing will see". Tabitha looked a bit perplexed as I tried to explain my very unorthodox working methods as we started our session inside the  restaurant area a the Curtis hotel.
It is not about big "cheese!!" grins (although of course it is natural to get some pictures with it). It is not about looking perfect  and picture like. It is NOT about taking a picture and be done with it. 
It is about revealing who you are in the craziest and most authentic kind of way. When I take pictures I want my clients to feel comfortable being themselves while pushing them to do things differently. 
And so we had some fake fist fight on the street, lots of hugs, some lifting up and tango moves. We travelled by bus, talked about our futures and work and kids and life in general. 
There were many crazy laughs and pure sheer happiness... and as we walked back to our cars and the sky was darkening over a gorgeous and colorful Denver, we were all tired and happy to have experienced this awesome session.
Tabitha, Matt I can't wait to be your wedding photographer this fall!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shondra and Travis

There was the moment when Shondra slipped into her dress and she looked perfect. And then she was at the door, waiting to walk down the aisle with her dad. There was the magical moment  when Travis first saw her and the world stopped and everyone caught their breath. And they were standing and you could feel the air loaded with emotion.  
And then Shondra and Travis were together at last, forgetting the world around them and saying the words that would tie them together. 
 And there I was, standing close and all I wanted to do was put all those beautiful memories in a little bottle. 
Instead I have images  that I hope will help them remember and give them stories to tell for years to come.  

Venue : Oreo Farms

DJ :Jaytee Productions

Check out their video on youtube!
Shondra and Travis